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Our Programs

Being a camper at High Meadows is like being part of a storybook. Our programs include a variety of experiences based on themes inspired by early American pioneering, Native American Lore, even Medieval legends.

Our campers move about our campus using the woods, fields, gardens, and trails as their palette for explorations. We have an abudance of thoughtful activities that include physical recreation, quiet time for reflection, creative expression, exploration of the natural surroundings, and social experiences.

Our campers are encouraged to try new things, learn new skills, and develop old skills. We want our campers to play, get dirty, make friends, and discover themselves as a member of our camp community.

High Meadows Camp Programs

Our campers go home tired, dirty, happy, and inspired!

High Meadows Camp 2021 Summer Remix: Info at a Glance

We are excited to offer a unique and exciting program this summer. Though it will be structured and look very different from High Meadows Camp prior to the pandemic, it will offer campers the much needed opportunity to engage in fun outdoor activity and to socialize, play, and grow in these unusual times.

  • Camp will be offered for 4, two-week sessions, Monday – Friday.
  • Morning carpool begins at 9:00 a.m.; afternoon carpool begins at 3:45 p.m.
  • Sessions begin June 7, June 21, July 5, and July 19.
  • Children that will be entering 1st grade through 9th grade may be enrolled in camp.
  • In order to accommodate as many campers as possible, campers may initially register for two sessions of camp. If spaces remain as we approach summer, we may open up registration for additional sessions.
  • Tuition is $900 per two-week session. There are no sibling discounts.
  • Bus transportation is not available.
  • Our program size is being reduced in order to meet health and safety requirements.
  • Given the group size limits we cannot accommodate friend requests.

For returning campers who know and love High Meadows, many favorite activities and experiences will be the same, and some things will look very different.

  • Campers will be able to explore our forest and meadows, learn about nature and traditions, play active sports and fun games, visit our barnyard and meet our animals, make art, sing silly camp songs, and, if age appropriate, ride ponies or practice with a bow and arrow.
  • Campers will have the opportunity to swim in our pool every other day. There will be no swim lessons. On days when a visit to the pool is not scheduled, there will be alternate water activities available.
  • Campers will bring their own lunches and snacks.
  • We plan to operate cohort groups with a maximum of 20 campers. There may be up to 5 additional cohort members when including staff and CITs. Campers will be grouped by age and there will be some variance in ages based on enrollment numbers. All camp groups will be gender mixed.
  • Campers will stay in the same group of up to 20 children for the session. There will be no mixing between groups, such that children and staff are only exposed to those in their immediate cohort.
  • If still advised by the CDC or local health authorities, each day upon arrival, parents will be asked to verify health screening questions and campers will have their temperature taken with a contact-less thermometer. No one will be admitted with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or more, or with symptoms of COVID -19, or if there has been close contact to another person with COVID-19.
  • Policies on masks, sanitation, and social distancing will follow recommendations of the CDC and local health authorities. We anticipate that masks will be required of all campers and staff, regardless of vaccination status.
  • All registered families are expected to be fully informed of and to accept the risks of COVID-19 and to accept and support the policies and expectations of High Meadows.
  • Our policies, schedule, and program are subject to change based on guidance from authoritative agencies and developments during the pandemic.


Ages Served

All campers must be able to use bathroom facilities independently.

Day Camp:  Rising 1st Grade – Rising 9th Grade

Counselor in Training (CIT):  Rising 10th & 11th Grades


Day Camp: Morning carpool begins at 9:00 a.m.; afternoon carpool begins at 3:45 p.m.

Program Goals

  • To introduce campers to new or renewed experiences rooted in High Meadows tradition
  • To help campers gain confidence in a variety of camp skills and activities
  • To gain satisfaction from self-improvement rather than competition
  • To develop a healthy understanding of environmental principals
  • To achieve satisfaction through group participation and cooperation
  • To enjoy a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere free from modern distractions
  • To provide opportunities for healthy social interactions amongst peers
  • To provide mentoring opportunities between campers and staff
  • To ponder one’s relationship with the earth and with others, and to recognize the attendant responsibilities established
  • To provoke a sense of wonder and a desire to branch out into new areas