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Session I: Week 1Confidence

High Meadows campers have confidence in their skills and ability to explore and express themselves. High Meadows campers have the confidence to work and problem solve independently and have pride in their accomplishments. High Meadows campers have positive attitudes and enthusiasm and celebrate the differences in others.

We emphasize confidence at the beginning of the summer in order to encourage campers to try new things and to have a positive attitude that sets the tone for their experience at High Meadows Camp.

Session I: Week 2Community

High Meadows campers understand the value of community and illustrate this by practicing cooperation and understanding. High Meadows campers appreciate the diversity of our community and feel comfortable expressing themselves. High Meadows campers understand their responsibility to our global community and work to protect the environment and live sustainably.

Our emphasis of community during week 2 ties in with Unit Pride Day and the All- Camp Cookout at the end of the week.

Session I: Week 3Responsibility

High Meadows campers understand and appreciate thier responsibility to the environment, to their community, and to others. High Meadows Campers practice personal responsibility and feel ownership of their actions and achievements at camp.

The emphasis on responsibility during week 3 is especially meaningful to senior campers, who, in the last week of second session, have the responsibility of completing knighthood requirements and of organizing/operating booths for Medieval Day. Our focus on responsibility also relates to the chivalric virtues, which we respect at High Meadows Camp and celebrate on Medieval Day.

Session II: Week 4Respect

High Meadows campers show respect for others, through positive interaction; for ourselves, by caring for our physical wellbeing; for nature, through our commitment to protect the environment; and for our history, by honoring our community traditions

We emphasize respect during the 4th week of camp because it is a good foundational value to begin 2nd session with and it informs every part of our behavior at camp.

Session II: Week 5Independence

High Meadows campers have the skills and the freedom to explore, be creative, and problem solve independently. High Meadows campers practice personal responsibility and self-advocacy. High Meadows campers have the confidence to express themselves as individuals and respect the individuality of others.

We emphasize independence during the second week of session 2, to encourage second session campers to break out of their comfort zone and try new things. This value also coincides with the celebration of our nation’s independence and of Red, White, and Blue Day.

Session II: Week 6Exploration

High Meadows Camp encourages curiosity and inquiry as well as creativity and imagination. High Meadows campers have the confidence to try new things and the skills to problem solve. High Meadows campers encourage their peers and appreciate those who do things differently.

We emphasize exploration during week 6, emphasizing experiential learning and tying-in with the sensory play that takes place during Water Carnival at the end of the week.

Session III: Week 7Communication

High Meadows campers practice communication as a tool for understanding and cooperation. High Meadows campers appreciate the power of communication to increase respect and strengthen community. High Meadows campers understand that communication is not just about self-expression, but also about listening to others.

We begin session 3 with an emphasis on communication, setting the tone for understanding and conflict prevention in the hottest (and perhaps the most stressful) session of the summer.

Session III: Week 8Cooperation

High Meadows campers practice cooperation through respectful communication and group problem solving. High Meadows campers understand that we practice cooperation not only in games and activities, but also by being kind to our peers and having a positive attitude.

The second week of session 3 emphasizes cooperation, reminding us that while High Meadows Camp vales individual achievement and experience, it also celebrates what we do together. The focus on cooperation is highlighted at the end of the week, with the All-Camp Cookout and the Minute-to-Win-It Challenges!

Session III: Week 9Reflection

High Meadows campers take time to reflect on the values and experiences of camp. High Meadows campers observe and experience nature without harming it. High Meadows campers focus on the process as a tool for discovery.

We end the summer with an emphasis on reflection, giving campers the opportunity to reflect not only on their time at High Meadows Camp, but also on our communal history, through the celebration of Origin Trail Day.